Fast fashion

Fast fashion: we’ve all heard of it. You’ve probably noticed how fast clothing stores change their collections. Sometimes the collections change on a weekly or even on a daily base. Nice, a lot of new items to choose from while shopping! But is it actually…? Of course: shopping is fun and buying new clothes can make you quite happy. But to be fair to yourself, how many of these freshly shopped clothes end up in the back of your closet? And if you do actually wear your new items often, don’t you notice how fast the item gets outworn or faded? This is also a part of fast fashion: cheap, bad quality. According to a research study, one clothing item is worn about 4 times before it gets thrown away. That’s kind of sad to think about, isn’t it?

Sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion is pricey compared to fast fashion. But the way it’s designed and crafted is so much fairer. Some of it is even completely handcrafted, like the items of The Dutch Rebel also are. A lot of attention, love and time is put into it. Sustainable fashion also means: buying less. And if you buy clothes, do it thoughtfully. Secondhand and vintage clothing can be a very awesome alternative.

Recycled and re-made

Luckily recycled and re-made items are the new hot. The only shame is that most of world’s population still counts making clothes as a hobby, while even purchasing the pattern or fabric costs the maker more than a complete dress at Primark. Secondhand and vintage clothing can earn a second life by treating them as reusable and transforming them into a new form of fashion.