Vintage means pre-loved​

Everyone’s familiar with the bottom line that vintage items have already been used and cherised. Vintage has personality, character and soul. So why waste it? The Dutch Rebel recreates vintage items into art, by painting each of them with a unique design. This way pre-owned fashion will revive with a touch of creativity.

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The Dutch Rebel

the dutch rebel

Since 2016 The Dutch Rebel (before known as ‘Kits Achter De Rits’) focusses on vibes from the seventies, statement-fashion and unique designs. Before the leather and denim jackets are being provided with their striking paintings, they are critically inspected and purchased. Naturally only the best second-hand jackets conquer this inspection.  From vintage Levi’s and Lee’s up to cool oversized Wrangler’s: quality first.

The leather jackets are nubbly 100% real leather, so the paint will be attached for numerous years. Voilà, the jackets are in stock. And now? A lot of brainstorming, because each jacket is different. Of course it happens that a popular design arises and people ask for copies, but still that copy won’t be exactly the same.

The color pattern or the details will be adjusted in a way there still won’t be anyone on planet earth parading in your selfsame jacka. But think about this for a minute: approximately ninety Dutch Rebel-jackets flew off the shelf so far. And still a new design is fabricated over and over again.

The Dutch Rebel also extended her collection to hand painted bags, shoes and jeans to complete all your coolest outfits. Vintage clothing is being transformed into art and gains a second life. That’s not only fair for our environment, but also absolutely awesome to wear. Fuck fast fashion, go re-made.